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Bike Tours in Amsterdam

Bike Tours in Amsterdam

Enjoying Amsterdam on a bike tour is quite an experience. Always conducted safely using independent bike lanes and away from the large crowds of the city center!

Why take a bike tour of Amsterdam?

5 reasons to ride a bike when you get into town:

It is part and parcel of local life.

The flat terrain will facilitate a walk that will not require any physical exertion.

Touring Amsterdam by bike is safe and if you start the ride with a guided tour, you will feel more confident.

In this city, cycling is a real means of transport, not just an element of leisure or a way for practicing sports.

Exclusive bike Tours in Amsterdam

There are also routes that take you away from the busiest areas so you can enjoy total and absolute tranquility, leaving behind the hustle and bustle while and taking in the scenes of the city. On these excursions, we take you on independent, more accessible and quiet routes, fleeing from the frenetic streets of the center.

Cycling in Amsterdam is a first-rate experience that you can’t miss. Hire a tour tailored to your needs to start in a calm, safe and controlled way. Let yourself be guided through the part of the city that is most difficult to access on foot. When you have finished, you can extend your experience for free, continuing with the same bike that you have used during the tour.

Bike rental in Amsterdam

The tour includes the bicycle rental during the tour. After the tour, you can keep your bike for as long as you want … Just ask your guide about the rates and conditions at the beginning or end of the tour.

All our tours are tailored to the needs of the group. We design custom tours for all types of groups (large, small or families). Always with a personalized treatment, adjusting the experience to your needs. Our goal is to make your stay in the city an unforgettable experience.

Please for any special request contact us via email: booking@amsterdamguias.com or click here.

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