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Dutch countryside tours

Dutch countryside tours

Enjoying Amsterdam on a bike tour is quite an experience. Always safely, through independent bike lanes and away from the large crowds of the city center!

Why take a bike tour of Amsterdam?

5 reasons to ride a bike when you get to town

It is part of local life.

The flat terrain will facilitate a walk that will not cause physical suffering.

Going around Amsterdam by bike is safe and if you start the experience with a guided tour it will make you feel confident.

In this city, cycling is a real means of transport, not just an element of leisure or an instrument for practicing sports.

Immerse yourself in the tradition and culture of the Netherlands

If you want to immerse yourself in the country’s tradition and culture, are you only going to know one city? There is no better option than spending a day with the best guides in the country and visiting the ancient fishing villages such as Marken and Volendam, learning the cheese-making process, knowing the importance of the windmill for the evolution of the country or the eternal battle against the water delivered by the Dutch throughout history on our excursion into the Dutch countryside.

Also observe the difference between the tradition of The Hague, the institutional city and seat of government of the country, and the modernity of Rotterdam, a city fully recovered by the locals after being totally destroyed after the Second World War that amazes its visitors.

Learn about the origins of the famous painter Rembrandt in his hometown, discover the route of the medieval castles, escape from the city by bicycle, amazing cities like Utrecht and Amersfoort, visit the most famous botanical park in Europe (Keukenhof) and learn about culture. of tulips, all this combined with magnificent gastronomy, boat trips at sunset, bicycle routes and of course molding our clients to prioritize their tastes

Dutch countryside tours from Amsterdam

All these activities can be done on the same day departing from or around Amsterdam. We would love to help you optimize your travel time making your stay in Amsterdam one of your best memories. You can contact our customer service team at booking@amsterdamguias.com or just click here.

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