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Visit museums in Amsterdam

Visit museums in Amsterdam

An interesting way to get around and visit Amsterdam museums is with a private tour of the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum museums (for example). Our specialized art guides adapt to your needs and are able to guide you through any of the city’s museums with specific and entertaining explanations about the different exhibitions.

Tell us which museums you would like to visit and we will create a visit tailor-made for you.

Cultural wealth in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has about seventy-five museums and galleries. Your visit would not be complete if you didn’t complete it with a tour of one of the many and varied museums in Amsterdam.

For a relatively small city, Amsterdam has a large number of museums, exhibitions, and art galleries. The quality and variety of the collections is impressive. And most are located in buildings of incredible historical and architectural value. Many of them are historical heritage or even recognized by UNESCO. The cultural and historical wealth of this city is reflected in the large number of museums.

Buy tickets for museums in Amsterdam

Travel tip… we recommend that you avoid unnecessary waiting and crowding by buying tickets in advance. Amsterdam has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe, which is why the country currently receives some twenty million visitors throughout the year. Therefore, our advice is that before visiting any museum in the city, buy your tickets in advance, either on the official websites, in the many stores scattered throughout the city, or feel free to contact us if you want us to help you organize your visit during his stay in the Venice of the North.

We manage the purchase of tickets to museums in Amsterdam

Our reservations department can advise and manage all the bookings you need. Choose the way of contacting us that is most comfortable for you: via email, telephone, social networks or WhatsApp. And we adapt to the needs and budget that you require.

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