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Boat Tours in Amsterdam

Boat Tours in Amsterdam

One of the peculiarities of Amsterdam, and that makes the city stand out above others, is its network of canals. With more than 100km of navigable waterways and more than 1000 bridges, enjoying a boat tour is an essential experience in this city.

Admiring the beautiful and characteristic architecture of the city from a privileged point of view is magnificent. Surely after a day visiting Amsterdam on foot or by bike, you fancy something more relaxed, and a boat tour is the best option for it.

Dinner on the canals of Amsterdam

Just sit back and let yourself go. With the different options we offer, you can accompany your walk with a glass of wine, a beer, or even a romantic evening with a special dinner navigating the canals, that makes Amsterdam something completely unique.

Also listen-in to the explanations of the crew members, and find answers to all those questions you have in mind about the city’s canals: Why does Amsterdam have canals? Does the canals contain fresh or sea water? Are the waterways used for people to go to and from work? How deep are the canals? How many bikes are there at the bottom of Amsterdam’s canals?

Discover the boat houses in Amsterdam

Also discover on this tour the peculiarity of living literally on the canals in boat houses. There are different types of boat houses and there are a limited number of them. The legislation is quite peculiar if you decide to live in a boat house in Amsterdam and special rules must be followed.

Our offers include group boat trips to private tours. With or without a guide, with unlimited drink or drinks; walks with dinner included, or even cheese tasting during your tour. Consult our web and choose the option that most appeals to you or write to us with your questions. It will be a pleasure to advise you without obligation on the best option for your boat trip.

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